• Well-fed elderly man

    A not too friendly looking man, pretty fat, smoking a pipe. He could be a farmer… Holding a stick for no clear reason. A drawing I made as pencil sketch at first and as I liked it I decided to scan it and work on it as a digital painting. I used the painting program …

  • Painting of an old man with big hat.

    Painting of an old man with big hat

    Painting of an old man with big hat. I created this painting as an academic exercise, using it as a reference to refine my skills in color theory, brushwork, and texture techniques. The subject of the painting is a weathered elderly man. Painted using the incredible “Krita” painting software. The man is depicted wearing a …

  • The Monochromatic Mystery of the Clouds and Sea as Wallart

    The Monochromatic Mystery of the Clouds and Sea

    You know, I’ve always had this deep love and connection to the sea and oceans. There’s just something about the vastness and beauty of the water that always draws me in. So, I started working on this painting with the intention of creating a representation of the ocean – you know, something wide and expansive. …

  • skutsje-paint-detai

    Stormachtig weer skûtsje

    Koop dit digital art werk De storm trotseren: Een Skutsje in Friesland van Jan Brons als reproductie op canvas, aluminium dibond, (ingelijste) fotoprint, behang en Art Frame, op maat geprint in Fine-Art kwaliteit. Digitaal schilderij aan hand van een foto gemaakt door mijzelf tijdens SKS of een IFKS wedstrijd. Foto gemaakt met mijn trouwe Canon …

  • Peace and Love

    Love and peace

    Love and peace… Once upon a time, there was an old lady named Lucy who lived alone in a small town. She was a free-spirited woman who had always been independent, and she never let anyone tell her what to do. She wasn’t proud of her fleshy chin and the long white hairs that grew …